Customer Experience

“I know I can always count on you and your staff to provide prompt and detailed updates on all projects you work on. Thanks for doing that. In a fast paced business environment, we need to use technology to our advantage and you guys do that very well.”

Akins Akinnagbe, Manager – Central PC

“It was a pleasure having West Coast Construction Services, Inc. remodel our store. You and your crew worked very hard, were efficient, and had good quality work. You all completed the work sooner than expected because of great team work. We would like to thank you for always being available to answer questions and concerns.”

Kuldeep Lally, ARCO Owner

“The quality of the work is outstanding…the workers were on time as stated, worked very clean, and were thorough in their after job clean up.”

John Ladd
Islands Restaurants

“Thanks guys for stepping up. I call this the Nike award because you go in and ‘Just Do It’.”

Olan Smith, Division Facilities Manager

“Thanks to all of you. The store looks beautiful. You guys did an amazing job.”

Crystal Wetter, District Manager
Starbucks Coffee Company

“The gentlemen that came out did an outstanding job. Thanks so much for all your support. You’re the best.”


“Just wanted to commend you and your team for a good report from a store manager at JIB588… she stated they were very professional in their explanation and how they did their work…she would have your guys in her store every time!”

Brian Jorgensen, Lead Technician
Jack in the Box

“Fantastic work! Thank you very much for taking care of these key items in such short order – your team’s efforts in getting this site to “open” status are greatly appreciated. Looking forward to continue working with you on our projects.”

Christina Figura

“We have been in construction for less than a week and I received this below email from Cheryl (Nan’s DO). I too agree with Cheryl. West Coast Construction has been nothing but professional and a pleasure to work with. Thank you, West Coast Construction. Your efforts are acknowledged and appreciated.”

Khemi Hapangama, Project Manager, Multi-Site
Bovis Lend Lease

“I just want to give Dave some kudos as Lindsey’s renovation was almost flawless.”

Rick Miller, Regional Facilities Manager
Starbucks Coffee Company

“I finally have a breather to sit down and email you my thoughts on the whole changeover. It has been a little overwhelming at times, but I think we are doing really well. I wanted to tell you that the West Coast people were awesome. I mean they did anything we asked them to do, and they really worked great given the circumstances.”

Danny Talia

“Construction team was impressive. Very considerate to the customer and had enough team members to complete the job properly. My needs were always attended to promptly.”

Franchisee Frank Grippi, (Division 2499)
7-Eleven Inc.

“You guys are far above any other contractors I have dealt with.”

Paul Fercho

“This 5 year was very good! You guys completed everything with great quality, on time, and within budget. I was impressed.”

Lindsey Moran, Facilities Service Manager
Starbucks Coffee Company

“Another nice job. Thanks.”

Walt Olson, Facilities Service Manager
Starbucks Coffee Company

“I wanted to let you know that West Coast does have the customer as their top priority. I walked into a store that was closed for 24 hours and had a lot of demolition done. To my surprise, West Coast had a cleaning service in place to clean the entire restaurant including windows. WOW, that was a relief to the opening crew. They could focus on opening quickly to start selling burgers.

Another example of keeping their customer happy was with the store manager. She was concerned on how long her coffee machine would be out due to the CBB cell still being worked on. Bill said it might take a while….Sheila asked if it can be done for the weekend and he responded no problem.

It’s the little things that they do to listen to their customer and follow though on the request. I know that construction is not easy especially this type of job and mistakes do happen. The practice of no surprises is key in order for this to work.”

Cheryl Fermil

“Thank you for the very thorough and impressive power point pictorial of the recent dig up by the dishwasher. The document tells the story very well. The pour back and tile looks great. Thank you for repairing the set screws in the drain covers. Nice Job!”

Rob Wach, Construction & Facilities Manager
Islands Restaurants, LP

“…had a very positive experience working with West Coast over this past weekend. He was most impressed by the follow up phone call that he received on Monday… thanks”

Dan Soper
7-Eleven, Inc.

“just wanted to pass on the job well done by Doug. Working in an industry that mostly consists of complaints I think it’s imperative to recognize when a job is done well by someone who cares. After working all night he showed up here promptly after being called in, he finished the job in a timely fashion saving us from losing quite a bit of lunch business and was very professional and courteous.”

Peter Black, Manager
Chili’s Grill & Bar

“Your team is doing a better job then the rest of the bunch and I appreciate your professionalism”

Matt Van Allen, Project Manager I, Multi-Site
Bovis Lend Lease

“Just want to express my appreciation of the thorough detailed proposals Ron provides. It makes it easy for me to review and saves time.”

Walt Olsen, Facilities Service Manager
Existing Stores, Store Development
Starbucks Coffee

“Thank you for your insight and dedication to resolving issues …I am sending this ‘thank you’ because sometimes we all get in a hurry and only do what we are told. I really appreciate that your crew saw a problem and resolved it on the spot.”

Darryl Nelson, Area Facilities Manager

“As our ambitious project at The River concludes, I repeat my highest praise for Project Manager Chris Cain, as was the case when we all became acquainted at WCCS HQ several months ago. On rare occasion does one become more impressive in strength, integrity, and craftsmanship as on-the-job demands grow, and I can say without hesitation the same holds true for Site Supervisor Howard:”

Justin Walker
Cheetah Ventures, Inc.

“Thank you for all your diligent work on our behalf. As Ron may know, Mr. Inoue and myself visited the Arcadia job-site today. We were blown away by the professionalism and attention to detail that was clearly on display by WCCS.”

Terry Horikiri, Store Development & Construction Coordinator
Famima Corporation

“You, your team, all of the individual contractors did what I can only classify as an amazing job. The store looks absolutely great for which the franchisee and I are immensely grateful. Likewise, I cannot begin to thank you all for the speed with which the store was able to reopen for business. To say the least, I was shocked that, given the work that needed to be done, we were able to get up and running in such a short amount of time.

Again, thank you for all of the time and effort you and your team put into giving this particular store a truly amazing new look.”

Justin Skarb, Field Consultant
7-Eleven, Inc.

“Once again I sit here amazed at the level of service your WingStreet Construction Team has delivered to Yum Brands. I felt compelled to drop you a note about how well Scott, Damon, and Gilbert have been executing their commitments. Not only have they been hitting their deadlines, they are now helping others with the same challenges. Here’s a great example:

As you may or may not know, Yum is under great pressure to complete a certain amount of re-openings by year end. Just recently our deadline date was moved up yet again. This has put great pressure on all of our teams and has caused us to be creative in finding ways to move up our completion dates. Due to the nature of the rush, things can be overlooked and levels of service can suffer. Your team has not let this demand affect their performance in any way. For this I commend both you and your employees. On top of this, your team has come to the rescue of another GC that is lacking the resources necessary for keeping up with the demands Yum has put on them. Just today, they made a delivery of a refrigerated truck to another GCs job site to help him out with an emergency situation. Now that’s customer service!

Please help me relay, to everyone on the West Coast Construction Team, that everyone here at Yum greatly values their commitment to service.

Thanks for your team’s part in putting smiles on all of our customers’ faces.”

Rick Buckley, Remodel Construction Manager (Western Region)
Yum! Brands, Inc.

“Ron is one of the reasons why I continue looking for your services. He turns over backwards to make things right for me and the issues I face day to day. The business relationship we have is good and I know who I can always count on in tough situations and on everyday small things. Thanks again for everything you guys do for us.”

Edgar Barrera, Facilities Service Manager
Starbucks Coffee Company